Renren. com Announces Release of Golden Partner Plan to Strengthen Third-Party Support

2009-12-01 00:00:00

Today officially announces their new strategy to release a “Golden Partner Plan” designed to encourage and support more application developers to join Renren’s open platform and reward third-parties excellent with increased revenue sharing.

As China’s largest SNS, is always seeking a diverse and stunning user experience by inviting more partners to establish a win-win ecosystem. Joe Chen, Chairman and CEO of OPI says, “We hope to help the third party developers not only survive but further develop and grow. Thus, by motivating innovation of the Chinese Internet, we are dedicated to pushing it forward.”

The Golden Partner Plan is a policy for promoting an open platform, following the principal of “hierarchical management and focal support”. Developers’ products may be rated different levels in terms of a variety of indexes and dimensions, including user evaluation, daily active users etc. To become a Golden Partner, a developer’s products should match the basic requirements that active users reach 200,000 during the first 30 days, and the user rating is higher than 3. Additionally, Golden Partners should also be equipped with a quality customer service team and Paypal-mode service, which lays a solid foundation for future revenue.  

Huang Jing, the product and technical head of Renren says, “Several app developers, like Sunshine Meadow, Bubble Fish, Glorious Hospital, Happy Kitchen etc., have signed on to be golden partners. For them, the sharing percent of revenue increased to 56%, higher than the average of 48%, as well as preferential access to resource allocation. We expected to attract more developers to participate in this plan and generate more quality products.

Moreover, Renren’s open platform aggregates a great quantity of VIP users. Golden Partners can set up a VIP consumption area for each app. Thus if each app introduces one VIP user, the relevant developer can get two RMB.

Besides increasing the sharing of revenue, Golden Partners can also be endowed with the certified logo, which may highlight their app products among competitors.

To optimize the allocation of resources, Golden Partners can be Renren’s strategic partners, acquiring quality resources.  Thus, strives to generate more excellent products, as well as foster a healthy development environment.

The main reasons that SNSs receive the praise of users include open API, introducing the third-party partners, and releasing more products, and these are also becoming the important steps of Renren’s development. Before launching the Golden Partner Plan, began to take the lead in open platform development. In 2009 hosted an Open Day Conference across the nation by joining hands with Chinacache to provide exceptional CDN service. According to the statistics, Renren’s open platform has attracted more than 20,000 applications offered by thousands of developer teams. Ultimately, 2000 app products were approved and released.

The release of the “Golden Partner Plan” may encourage the development of more excellent app products so as to maximize the satisfaction of a user’s experience, and it further offers a channel for the products’ marketing, which may promote win-win business.