Launches Auto Platform

2010-04-21 00:00:00

On April 21, 2010, China’s largest social network formally launched the Renren Auto Platform ( On this platform for automobile information users can customize their personal interests and discuss with friends prior to purchasing. This is the first auto platform released by a social network (SNS) in China.

Alvin Chiang, CMO of Oak Pacific Interactive said sharing—the single biggest feature of social networks—was tightly integrated into the auto platform, allowing users to select cars online and share with their friends at the same time. is the first to build this model.

Harnessing the power of social networks, the Renren Auto Platform creates unparalleled communication opportunities. Compared with traditional auto websites that only offer a single visit and query, the Renren Auto Platform achieves interaction between users and friends. When users inquire about auto model specifications and read review articles, their friends will see these "actions" through the "news" function, helping users to make purchase decisions.

Haitao changed workplaces recently and he intends to buy a car. Seeing the auto platform on, he immediately tried it. After filling out basic information about his situation and income, Haitao searched several performance models, and then shared them with friends. After a few moments, his friends shared their personal opinions of these models. Within a very short period of time, Haitao selected his own car.

The Renren Auto Platform consists of three parts: an auto purchase section, auto information, and auto fans. The Renren Auto Platform has opened public pages to auto manufacturers, such as Mercedes-Benz. This way users can also communicate directly with auto manufacturers for the first time.