Launches Open Platform for Mobiles

2009-12-01 00:00:00

On Dec 1, 2009, China social networking site announced its open platform for mobiles after 6 months’ trial operation. It enables users to access the site via WAP browsers or pre-installed mobile client software. Joe Chen, Chairman and CEO of Oak Pacific Interactive, said as the first global SNS open platform for mobiles, maintains the ideas of open platforms in the website, which promotes the everyone-wins model for SNSs, mobile manufacturers, telecom operators and third party partners. provides the mobile online service based on its browser-capable version (, and also promotes mobile clients, that will enrich users’ mobile experience. Accessing the site via WAP browsers based on, users can easily log into their own account to experience the online social network. Moreover, the platform will introduce online payment functions for third parties. In this case, game developers will gain profit sources through

Compared with, the new mobile client is much more convenient as it eliminates the browser for networking. has engaged in strong cooperation with almost all high-profile mobile manufactures and has innovated the mobile client to different mobile development platforms. Applications are now available for mobile phones based on Symbian, iPhone, Android, and Java platforms. Users can keep in touch with friends at all times.

Industry experts pointed out that the open platform model for mobiles is very important progress for SNS websites. As SNS websites have a stable customer base with mobile phones and clear business model, its growth momentum will continue. It is also possible to create a new business model in alliance with other businesses.