Unveils Five New Products

2010-11-11 14:30:00, China largest real-name SNS, officially launched five new products, including Renren Like, Renren Places, Renren Aiting, Renren Party and an updated Public Page.  These new product offerings enhance Renren’s core value: social sharing and entertainment for all. 

Renren Like: Using Renren Like, users can easily share interesting content with friends on When a user clicks the Like button on a third-party site, that user’s friends will see it as a story in their News Feed on

Renren Places: Renren’s new location-based service, Renren Places provides a fun, fashionable and sophisticated check-in service for mobile users. Users can share their location, check which friends are nearby, and get deals from nearby retail outlets. With Renren Places, users never miss another chance to connect both online and off.

Renren Aiting: If you’re a music lover, you must add this great music app to your profile. Besides enjoying music, Renren Aiting lets you create your own personal radio station for you and your friends. It is a great way to showcase yourself and find more friends with the same tastes.

Renren Party: A new owned-and-operated social game that brings real people together to party online!

An updated Public Page: The Public Page is one of Renren’s most unique and innovative products. It gives a customizable voice to any brand, public figure or organization and invites users to join in the conversation. By leveraging the real connections between friends on, a Public Page brings people together around topics of same interest. The updated Public Page will soon available to the general public, allowing all users to create their own pages around their own interests.