Renren Introduces Talking Tom Cat Video Sharing Capabilities

2012-07-26 00:00:00

Renren Inc. (NYSE:RENN), the leading real name social network in China, today announced that it has integrated Talking Tom Cat 2 video sharing on Renren’s platform. Working with Outfit7 Inc., a subsidiary of Out Fit 7 Ltd., and the global entertainment company behind the blockbuster Talking Friends mobile apps, Renren users are now able to upload and share original videos of their interactions with Talking Friends characters through their Renren accounts. This is the first time such sharing feature becomes available in China.

Collectively, Chinese users spend over 3 million hours per month playing with Talking Friends apps. Talking Tom is the most popular of the Talking Friends characters, as users engage with Tom an average of 19 instances each time they open the Talking Tom Cat app. This integration on Renren’ s platform will provide Renren users with another content channel to share and communicate with friends, family and other online networks.

“Being able to share your user-generated Talking Friends videos is an important social feature for our users all over the world, so we are excited to have Renren as a channel for our Chinese user base and to provide more ways for our users to share Talking Friends with their circles,” said Samo Login, Founder & CEO of Out Fit 7 Ltd., “In China, Outfit7 apps have already been downloaded over 50 million times and we look forward to increasing Talking Friends’ visibility online with new and loyal users.”

“Talking Tom Cat 2 has been widely popular in China’s mobile space. With Renren users now able to easily share their character videos across our platform, this will further expand our entertainment services while increase the interactions among our users,” said James Liu, Chief Operating Officer of Renren. “We look forward to working with Outfit7 and exploring more creative ways to engage our users.”

About Renren Inc.

Renren Inc. (NYSE: RENN) operates the leading real name social networking internet platform in China. It enables users to connect and communicate with each other, share information and user generated content, play online games, listen to music, shop for deals and enjoy a wide range of other features and services. Renren's platform includes the main social networking website, the online games center, the social commerce website, and the video-sharing website Renren had approximately 154.2 million activated users as of March 31, 2012.

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