Corporate Social Responsibility


    Renren Company, Renren employees and Renren users all play important roles in our communities. We contribute through our volunteerism, philanthropy, and most importantly, our huge social platform. We work with a full range of not-for-profit organizations ranging from small local social enterprise to large influential global bodies. “Social Media for Social Good” is what we hope to re-define as what it means to be a social networking company and a good corporate citizen.

•  In July 2013, in partnership with One Foundation, Renren jointly launched One Foundation Video Festival, a short-film based competition that identifies heroes around us.


•  In April 2013, Renren Company, Renren employees and Renren users donated a total of RMB 1.05 million to victims in Ya’An earthquake area via One Foundation.
•  In March 2013, the official Renren charity public page was formed and attracted ~300,000 renren users.


•  In September 2012, Joe Chen, CEO of Renren Inc. delivered a keynote speech at the Social Media for Social Good Summit Organized by Gates Foundation and United Nations Development Programme.
•  In June 2012, led online and offline promotions for “Free Lunch for Children”, a nationwide plan to provide free lunches for children who can’t afford it. The promotions reached over one hundred universities and half a million renren users.
•  Since May 2012, Renren Inc. has designated the last week of each month to be “Donation Week for Migrant Children”, encouraging Renren employees to donate sports facilities [how do you donate sports facilities?  You mean time?] to migrant children and visit their schools.
•  In May 2012, the Gates Foundation public page on was officially launched. In May 2012,, and Gates Foundation co-produced the video “Say No to Second-hand Smoking” featuring Bill Gates as the key spokesperson. Within the first day of release, the video was played over 600,000 times.
•  From March to April in 2012, teams up with One Foundation and China Charities Aid Foundation for Children to raise awareness and understanding for autism in China.
•  Since 2011, launched “56 Rainbow Plan”, to record and share videos that promote philanthropy, encourage innovative ideas for social good and address nationwide issues.
•   In August 2011, joined the WWF in online campaign for the conservation of Finless Porpoise, a freshwater wildlife species that is characterized as endangered.
•  In June 2011, in association with China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, initiated an online donation program for school children who could not otherwise afford electricity or heating.


•  In April 2010, in a joint effort with business partners, constructed a Hope primary school in the Yushu earthquake area.
•   Since 2010 in every March of the calendar year, conducted the Earth Hour Campaign through both online and offline events as a social media partner for the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF).


•  In March 2010, continued its commitment to public service by donating money to aid drought victims in Southwest China and constructed a Hope primary school in the Yushu earthquake area in a joint effort with business partners.
•  Between 2007 and 2009, proceeds from our charity programs helped to build five Hope primary schools in Qinghai province that have enabled hundreds and thousands of students to return to school.